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Jet Ski Cradle Lifts

Much like a boathouse cradle system, a jet ski cradle uses a hoist system to lift and lower the jet ski cradle.  A jet ski cradle however has two sets of bunks (one set for each jet ski) in place of the single set of bunks for a boat.  The motor and gear drive for a jet ski cradle lift are usually designed to lift approximately 2,500 lbs., but if the need for a stronger lift arises, the cradle can be converted to a boat lift, and an upgrade to a stronger motor and gear drive can often be made at a marginal cost.  

To make launching and loading easier, some jet ski cradles have one set of bunks shorter than the other set of bunks. Notice the difference in height of the jet skis in the picture below.  As the cradle is lowered, the jet ski on the shorter bunks will float off the cradle first as the second jet ski remains securely on the taller bunks. 

This will allow the operator to move and secure the first jet ski without having to be concerned about two jet skis floating off the cradle at the same time.  After the first jet ski is tied off, the operator can continue to lower the cradle until the second jet ski floats off the cradle.  Similarly, the jet skis can be loaded sequentially-that is, as the cradle is  lifted the taller bunks will allow for one jet ski to be loaded first.  As the cradle is raised further the shorter bunks will be ready for the second jet ski. 

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