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Hydraulic Floating Boat Lifts

Sunstream FloatLift

By far the most innovative and coolest lift on the market, the Sunstream FloatLift is the ultimate in engineering and convenience.  Based on the design used extensively by the US Navy and rapid response agencies throughout the world, the remote control features make it one of the easiest and most safe boat lifts to operate.  The FloatLift is the leading floating hydraulic boat lift worldwide. It has set a higher standard with incredible speed, unsinkable floats, remote-control, and solar charging. The flexibility of the FloatLift allows you to protect your boat virtually anywhere – a buoy, dock or marina, fresh, salt, shallow or deep water. The speed, portability and versatility of the FloatLift make it an excellent choice over other types of lifts.

Ease of Use
Operating the quiet, high-speed hydraulics with the remote control from the helm of the boat provides ultimate convenience and safety. It’s safe and easy enough for even the most inexperienced boater to operate. The FloatLift launches in seconds instead of minutes.

Peace of Mind
The FloatLift’s unsinkable floats, and Gravity Lock; over-center design prevents the boat from accidentally lowering. The marine grade aluminum frame, stainless steel fasteners, and hydraulic system are suspended out of the water, ensuring years of trouble free boating enjoyment. No need to worry about leaking air, tipping tanks or costly dock modifications that are usually associated with other systems.

Portable and Versatile
The FloatLift ties like a boat and its hydraulic system can operate on solar power protecting your boat virtually anywhere – a buoy, dock or marina, fresh, salt, shallow or deep water. With no dock brackets needed, you will have the freedom to take it with you when you move or just change the positioning based on water levels.

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