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Hydraulic Jet Ski Lifts

The Hydraulic Jet Ski Lift is the ultimate PWC lift, and can be used for a variety of small boats. With this type of lift using small crafts is now easier than ever before and enthusiasts are having more fun, more often. The Hydraulic Lift is easy to use and operates with a waterproof remote-control, or a wired pendant. Lifting speeds average 15 seconds so you are in and out of the water in no time at all. The bunks slope as the lift is lowered to make your return landing easier and the over-center gravity lock assures you that your water craft is safe while you are away from the dock. The lifting range can be adjusted from the standard three foot, to a four or five foot range, using the Range Extensions. 

NOTE: The capacity is reduced to 1,800 lbs when the extensions are used.

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