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4-Piling Lifts

Perhaps the most simple of the cable lifts is the 4-piling lift which uses four stand alone pilings to hang the cable lift system. The pilings are usually located adjacent to a dock or bulkhead, can be a variety of heights, and do not have a roof or other protective covering. A galvanized steel or aluminum beam is fastened across two pilings, a second beam joins them together, and attached to each of the beams is a motor and gear drive that use a wire cable and a drive pipe to raise and lower the boat cradle.  Electricity must be run, usually under water, to the two pilings with motors.  

Although it is expensive to install the pilings, these lifts are durable and versatile. The pilings range in size, taller pilings keep the boat above tides and storm surges, but short and un-obstructive pilings are used where water level variations are minimal.  The lift system is easily visible and can be serviced as necessary which is important because the system and any boat in the cradle are always exposed to the elements.

There is a wide variety of options for 4-piling lifts, and an equally wide variety on pricing for pilings installation; give us a call today at     (281) 481-5555 we can help assist you in determining what is right for you and assure you get the best deal possible.   

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