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Low-Profile Lifts

Popular where boathouses or tall pilings may obstruct waterfront views and may be prohibited by local regulations, low-profile cable lifts are one way to help maximize waterfront views. These lifts may be limited to areas where water level variations are minimal and water conditions are moderate. These lifts use the same *EXcelift and gear drive components as boathouse lifts, but are located out of sight, beneath the deck on both sides and in front of the boat slip. 

 Since the lift system is located under a deck and close to the water, electrical issues and regular maintenance can be more of an issue than other lift options. For example, portions of the deck must be removed for lift lubrication, inspection and repair.  These low-profile lifts must also use boat cradles, which require more water depth in the boat slip than other approaches. Alternatives to low-profile lifts can include Standing Hydraulic LiftsElevator Lifts and Floating Boat Lifts.

Excell Boat Lifts & Docks has the experience to diagnose your low-profile lift issues and suggest the most economical repair or retrofit, just give us a call at (281) 481-5555 to learn how.

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