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Hydraulic Standing Boat Lifts

The Hydraulic Lift is a free-standing, bottom founded system that can be a viable option to conventional boat hoist systems.  It can offer solutions for small to large boats and jet ski watercraft

Industry Leading Hydraulics

The hydraulic lift is the only lift available with a 3-year hydraulic warranty, even in salt water.  The stainless steel shaft prevents rusting, pitting and seal damage and the bronze shaft scraper prevents damage to the hydraulic seals.  The rubber shaft boot prevents marine life from growing on the cylinder shaft and a scrubber removes mineral deposits from the shaft, especially important for “hard water” lakes.  The lift requires a proprietary, environmentally-friendly, water-soluble hydraulic fluid for operation and will not harm the environment or stain your dock.

Ease of Use
Operating the quiet, high-speed hydraulics with the remote control from the helm of the boat provides ultimate convenience and safety.  Lifts in seconds instead of minutes.

More Durable and Reliable
EXcell offers a lift designed for fresh and salt water, with the a standard 3 year warranty on both frame and hydraulics.  The lift including the bunks are manufactured from aluminum and provides superior long-lasting support.  The Hydraulic Lift also uses stainless rams and scrapers on hydraulics. 

The Best Looking Lift
The Hydraulic Lift is hidden under your boat, which proudly displays your boat on a pedestal.  Aluminum/Rubber Lined Bunks prevent mold and do not wear or retain grit like carpet.

Marine-Grade Hydraulic Lifting System
This is the only hydraulic system designed for underwater use for a boat lift and this unique system has been created using:

  • Stainless steel hydraulic rams
  • Bronze shaft scrapers
  • Water-soluble, environmentally friendly  (hydraulic fluid)

Smart Electrical System

  • The remote control has an automatic “sleep mode” so you don’t need to turn the lift on and off every time you use your boat.
  • A “low battery” indicator gives advance warning if the battery becomes low.
  • A sealed, no-maintenance battery will eliminate the need to top the battery (Available upon request).
  • Electronic surge protector prevents electrical surge damage.
  • Water-tight connector plugs prevent corrosion failures in sensitive areas.
  • 12 Watt solar panel provides 20% more power than other lifts.
  • Waterproof transmitters are important safety features for marine use and swimming.

Superior Frame

  • The sturdy, rust-proof frame is constructed with marine grade aluminum (twice as thick as some competing lifts), and stainless steel hardware. 
  • Automatic Gravity Lock secures the lift in the raised position, adding a safeguard system.
  • Rounded edges on frame improve handling and aesthetics.

Boat Supports

  • The spring-beam design distributes the load more evenly over the length of the bunk compared to wooden bunks that have load concentrations above the small support brackets. This spring-beam design helps prevent hull deformation.
  • The rubber surface does not trap grit like carpet, which reduces scratching.

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