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Excell Boat Lifts

Excell Boat Lifts has offered innovative solutions and services to boat and home owners in the Greater Galveston Bay Area since 2009.

About Us

Excell Boat Lifts & Docks is proud of our many years of experience in the boat lift business and our mutually supportive and long standing relationships with boat lift manufacturers with whom we consult regularly about special situations and applications.

We are members of the Marina Association of Texas and the Boat Trades Association of Metropolitan Houston; we are dedicated to the community we work and live in by giving back through area benefits and local charities. Our commitment is to understand our customer’s goals, offer several solutions, and provide the best value in terms of quality and price.  We are a family owned and operated business that’s dedicated to service and safety – both yours and ours. 

Thank you for visiting our website and considering us for your boat lift and dock needs.

Standing Boat Lifts

Bottom founded, self contained electro- hydraulic system that can be placed anywhere a boat or jet ski is desired without the need of a boat house or dock.

Hoist Lifts

Hoist lifts are perhaps the most common and versatile boat lifts in the Gulf Coast region.

Jet Ski Lifts

Jet Ski Lifts are designed to offer fast, convenient access to your PWC while allowing a sturdy platform for access.

Hydraulic Actuated Floating Lift

Design allows lift to free float. It can be attached adjacent to a permanent structure or simply anchored in open water.

Docks & Boathouses

EXcell offers a variety of customizable configurations for floating docks constructed from all aluminum components and floating modules.


What We Offer

Excell Boat Lifts also offers a wide variety of marine services which include boat hoist products for bay boats, run abouts, cruisers and PWC. Excell Boat Lifts also provides repair services for existing hoist systems along with renovation services to upgrade your current hoist to accommodate a boat upgrade. In addition, Excell Boat Lifts also offers a wide variety of marine services which includes floating docks, new boat house construction, new bottom supported dock construction, dock renovation and pile driving.

Featured Product


Legacy hoist technology fabricated from galvanized steel angle, pipe in pipe bearing technology and welds that can fatigue over time are quickly reaching their technical limits due to the ever increasing length, weight and height of T-Tops offered on watercraft these days. For this reason, EXcell has spent considerable time and resources in developing a new system to improve integrity, durability and functionality to protect the boat owner. EXcell has designed, prototyped and commercialized a patented, fully tested modular boat hoist system that is manufactured from aluminum components including a solid aluminum pillow block bearing design which requires no welds that corrode and crack. The hoist system also incorporates a 12 strand marine grade hoist line that is stronger and more durable than the noisy, steel cable used with legacy hoists.

Typical EXcelift Load Bearing Carrier

Typical EXcelift Dual Bearing Carrier

Typical EXcelift Dual Load Bearing Carrier

Typical EXcelift Load Bearing Boat Hoist with Cradle

Typical EXcelift Load Bearing Boat House Hoist with Slings

Typical EXcelift Load Bearing Boat House Hoist with Slings

Typical EXcelift Load Bearing Boat House Hoist with Cradle

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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our audience.