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Excell Boat Lifts

Conventional cable lifts are perhaps historically the most common and versatile boat lifts in the Gulf Coast region. Though there are many different types and applications of cable lifts, they all use wire cables that wrap and unwrap around a “drive pipe” driven by an electric motor and gear to raise and lower a boat or PWC (personal water craft).  These lift systems can be installed on a variety of structures, including boathouses, pilings (as in a 4-piling lift), below a deck (as a low-profile lift), or mounted to a bulkhead (as in an elevator lift).

Boat House Lift

There are some unavoidable issues with cable lifts: corrosion of electric motors, electrical connections, drive carriers, cable and switches, caused by the close proximity to water often occur. However, regular maintenance on gear drives, chains, pulleys and drive pipes can keep them from seizing and damaging the electrical system. If cables overlap or “ball-up” on the drive pipe, a potential cable break becomes a serious issue.  Once again, regular maintenance can prevent this.

It is also important to note that boat lifts may need to be re-sized should you purchase a larger or smaller boat.

Whatever the issue, we are happy to offer a free on-site inspection and estimate, so give us a call today at (281) 481-5555 to schedule yours.

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