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Hydraulic Standing Boat Lifts

Though not new to many long time boaters, Standing Boat Lifts are becoming much more widely used as quality has increased and prices have fallen.  These lift are “bottom based” meaning that they “stand” on the lake or bay bottom using large square “feet” on adjustable “legs” that can be extended to the needed length depending on the contour of the bottom.  Hydraulic rams raise and lower the boat in a matter of seconds.  Made of heavy aluminum and stainless steel, these lifts generally use a 12 volt DC power pack that can be kept charged with either a trickle charger or solar panel if electricity is not available. These lifts can be used in a variety of places, in boat slips, next to boathouses, piers or bulkheads. The bunks for these lifts can accommodate a variety of boats including pontoons, sailboats, and in-boards and can have additional boat guides, cat walks, lighting and motor stops.  There are several standing hydraulic boat lift manufactures each with different strengths depending on the specific application.

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