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Vertical Boat Lifts

Vertical Lifts are designed for shallow waters, highly fluctuating waters and rough waters where you need to get your boat high out of the water.

With the ShoreMaster vertical lift, you only need 18 inches of water clearance and most models have a lifting height of 66 inches, the highest in the industry.

The Double V-Side Design allows for easy access to your boat from either side of the lift.

The Standard Manual Winch uses sealed bearings for smooth operation in an attractive cast aluminum housing and has fewer moving internal components for longer life.

The Roller Guide System for the cable is superior to collar systems because it eliminates friction to provide smooth travel as you raise and lower your boat.  Using a specially designed roller system for the stainless steel cable it provides smooth and stable lift travel and prevents the cradle from binding on the uprights.  The exclusive cable guide provides better tracking of the cable on the spooler and virtually eliminates cable stacking. 

Brass sheaves with stainless steel bushings and anti-seize lubricant are standard on most lifts.  Power units are available in 110-volt or 12-volt supply.  Weight capacity ranges from 1,200 lbs to 7,000lbs with a lifting height ranging from 50 inches to 66 inches. Accessories include canopy covers, boat lift motors, special bunks, centering guides, motor stops and more.

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