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The Sunstream SunPort
The SunPort is the latest boat lift innovation engineered by Sunstream Boat Lifts. The SunPort is safe and easy for the entire family and it's unique design captures elements desired by PWC enthusiasts worldwide. Again, Sunstream is setting a higher standard with an innovative design, unsinkable foam-filled structure, unique hinged tail, and a replaceable bow stop.

Easy Loading and Unloading For Everyone
The unique hinged tail drops to gently guide you in, reducing the slope and requiring less throttle to board the lift. Dual row rollers balance the load and prevent side tipping once on the lift.

QuickCover - Convenient Protection
Sunstream's QuickCover attaches to the bow stop and quickly rolls into a mesh net storage bag while you're out playing on your PWC. Upon your return, simply pull the cover over the PWC and clip onto the rear of the lift for quick and easy storage.

Safe Operation & Unsinkable
The replaceable bow stop is designed to prevent the watercraft from driving over the top of the lift, allowing even the most novice PWC drive to safely board the lift unattended. In addition, the walkways on either side of the lift are textured to provide an anti-slip surface for maintenance and boarding. Just like the FloatLift, the SunPort structure is foam-filled and virtually unsinkable. Having a foam-filled structure ensures that your PWC will be safe and secure even while you're away from the dock, providing a dry storage solution that will last for years to come.

Durable Dock Mount and Connecting Multiple Ports
Reduce the stress on your dock with either one of Sunstream's two dock mounts. Designed to accommodate any dock configuration, Sunstream has developed the DuraFlexx™ floating dock bracket and universal pole mount. In addition, Sunstream offers a multiport connector kit that safely secures multiple ports.




ShoreMaster ShorePort
A private island for your PWC. You get the best of both worlds with the ShoreMaster ShorePort, solid protection and efficient service both on and off. That’s why they’re so popular at locations that rent PWC’s. The ShorePort is depended on by many of its owners to withstand the most rugged conditions of continuous use, and to operate flawlessly each and every time it’s required. Plus the ShorePort is constructed of very few moving parts so there is almost no maintenance. After a great run, give your Personal Water Craft one last flick of the throttle and slide up on a ShorePort for the fastest, easiest, simplest dry dock on water.

ShorePort to Poly Dock

The adjustable polyurethane rollers and cupped front conform to any hull design. And you can use the ShorePort with almost any dock, fixed or floating. It’s especially good when used with ShoreMaster’s floating Poly Dock. 138” long, 58” wide. 260 lbs. Flotation capacity 1,150 lbs with additions up to 1,450 lbs.  Freeboard of 14' (unloaded).

Keel Roller

We’ve designed this standard three-roller system to give you easy drive on and roll-off launching with your ShorePort. The clear, non-marring poly rollers adjust to any hull design.




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