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Elevator Jet Ski Lifts

There are a fairly large number of elevator jet ski lifts on the market; many of which have specific features for unique applications. Some lifts may be more suited to saltwater environments; others have the ability to swing the cradle 180 degree to an over-the dock position for easier maintenance, while others may have a small footprint and be unobtrusive (low-profile).  Weight capacities and cradle designs, in addition to a low cost or “budget” versions and a high end or “robust” versions are also considerations to include in selecting the right jet ski lift. 

Elevator lifts included here show typical features and considerations to include in selecting the right jet ski lift. 



Low Profile Manual Jet Ski Lifts

The Dock Shuttle from ShoreMaster is always ready to help you get in the water, and when you need a break, the Dock Shuttle is there to give you a lift. The Dock Shuttle is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a non-obtrusive way to protect their PWC. With the Dock Shuttle there are no lift “uprights” sticking out of the water, and they take up very little space. You’ll have a clean and uncluttered looking waterfront to enjoy while giving your PWC the protection it needs. The Dock Shuttle from ShoreMaster is efficient and easy to use, so you’ll always be able to spend more of your time riding your PWC. It can hold a beam width of up to 56” and provide up to 7’ of lifting height.  




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