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Floating Lifts
Floating Lifts


Floating Boat Lifts

Floating Boat Lifts come in two designs. The traditional design is an air/water displacement floating lift which uses an electric blower to pressurized large pontoons with air to raise the lift. Alternately, the system regulates the flow of water into these pontoons to lower the boat into the water.  The minimum water depth needed to operate an air/water floating lift is normally four feet and the lifting range is generally less than four feet. Air/water floating lifts are often used in more protected areas such as marinas and are often used in conjunction with floating docks.

The newer hydraulic floating lift uses a hydraulic ram to push floating foam-filled pontoons out from under the cradle to lower the boat. To lift the boat, the hydraulic rams pull the pontoons back under the cradle to raise the aluminum cradle and boat.   Since the floating pontoons stay on top of the water, depth needed for the hydraulic lift is generally 12 inches plus the draft of the boat. The floating hydraulic lifts are tied off to a dock, pier or buoy, can be solar powered, and are easily moved from one location to another.

Air/Water Floating Lifts  Hydraulic Floating Lifts

Excell Boat Lifts & Docks is an authorized dealer for a number of national floating boat lift manufactures. This means the installation of your lift will be done properly and the warranty for the lift will be valid. The companies that we represent are known for their value, reliability and integrity and represent a range of capabilities and pricing. These manufactures include ShoreMaster, Galva-Lift, ShoreStation and Sunstream Boat Lifts, among others. 




Read on to further understand the differences between the two types of floating lifts and where they may best be used, or give us a call today at (281) 481-5555 to discuss your options.



ShoreMaster Floating Lift

Sunstream FloatLift



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