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Air/Water Displacement Floating Lifts

Air/water displacement floating lifts have been around for many years and have continuously improved. They are ideal for certain locations and can provide many years of dependable service. Yet there are a number of parameters that should be assessed before a specific float lift model is selected for a particular location. At Excell Boat Lifts & Docks, we take the time to evaluate the conditions at your boat slip site, consider the type and size of boat and then make several recommendations about the right float lift. The float lifts below represent the best values for a variety of circumstances and include medium duty, heavy duty and super duty construction. Each of the manufactures below represent a “best in class” design and have a reputation among boat lift dealers as fully honoring their warranty obligations. Installed properly and with periodic maintenance you will have years of reliable service from your float lift.




    ShoreMaster Floating Lifts

    Floating Boat Lifts from ShoreMaster are designed to last for the long haul because they’re manufactured to keep the steel components out of the water when the lift is in the up position. These air/water displacement systems work best in floating docks, U-shaped slips, or attached from the front of the lift to an existing floating dock or pier. The boat lift arms are built super tough and they’re strong enough to give you peace of mind when you leave your boat on the lift. The rigid, crush resistant tanks can withstand even the toughest waterfront challenges. Available for slips 9' wide to 14' wide and in a variety of capacities.






You can count on personal attention from Excell Boat Lifts to make sure your boat is protected and works to your satisfaction. Give us a call today at (281) 481-5555

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