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Elevator Lifts

Elevator lifts are ideal where an additional lift is needed, often on a dock or the side of a boathouse, or where space is limited, such as along narrow canals. Elevator lifts tend to be low-profile and generally meet regulations designed to preserve waterfront views. Used for boats generally weighing 8,000 lbs. or less, these lifts have a cradle that is guided up and down by two masts that are affixed to two pilings or a bulkhead which extends into the canal or lake bed for added stability.  

Two electric motors and drive pipes (one on each mast) with wire cables are used to lift the cradle up and down. In addition to being “low-profile” the elevator lift can prevent the need to install pilings if an adequate bulkhead or deck is available. A potential disadvantage, however, is that the electric motors tend to be several feet above the dock (low-profile design) and exposed to high tides, waves or storm surges.

Elevator lifts are a perfect solution for specific situations.  It is important that trained installers are used in order for the warranty on the lift to be valid.  Our experienced staff at Excell Boat Lifts & Docks will work with you on warranty claims should they arise and make sure the manufacture provides appropriate support.  Our customers as well as our reputation in the industry are equally important to us. 

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 What is an Elevator Lift?



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