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Boathouse Lifts

Boathouse LiftBoathouses typically have an overhead cable lift system installed on heavy timber or galvanized steel beams running high across the boat slip and bolted to the pilings. Boathouse lifts are often designed for a boat of specific length, width and weight.The location of the pulleys and slings are designed to lift the boat up at the optimal location to protect the integrity of the boat. Boathouse Lift

If you purchase a new boat, with a different length or width it will likely require relocating the pulleys, which can be problematic, as the pulleys carry the weight of the boat and must be fastened to a strong framework, such as galvanized steel or heavy timber.  A relocation of the pulleys involves removing the cables, slings and weights (or cradle), and may require a galvanized steel or wooden framework to be installed in the new location for the pulleys.

Boathouses along the coast typically need to be taller than normal to allow for substantial variations in tides and surges and keep the boat and lift system away from rough water. Inland boathouses tend to use the same lift design but we often minimize the height of the boathouse to preserve the waterfront view.

Boathouse lifts can be modified in a variety of ways.  At Excell Boat Lifts & Docks our mission is to help you solve today's problem as economically as possible while keeping the long-term cost of maintaining a boat lift to a minimum. Give us a call today at   (281) 481-5555.




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